Series 4 of a collection consisting of digitally-created, vector paintings with a focus on strong geometric structure and bold surface patterns. The images are specially created for application directly onto brushed aluminium Dibond with a butler finish. Size: 40" x 30".
I have endeavoured to capture the essence of the buildings from unusual perspectives, through varying degrees of abstraction, whilst retaining their defining characteristics.
The geometry of the buildings is described in as few lines as possible, using vivid colouring and subtle gradients to accentuate the forms and their response to light. 

The method I use combines the precision of technical illustration, the form and depth of architectural visualisation and the emotional expression of photographic images.

The use of a brushed aluminium substrate deepens the shadows, adds texture to midtones and intensifies highlights.
Budenburg Haus Projekte, Altrincham. Architect: Foster & Partners.
Library of Birmingham. Architect: Mecanoo.
Selfridges, Birmingham. Architect: Future Systems.
Imperial War Museum North, Salford. Architect: Daniel Libeskind.

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