WOWinflow - Your Credit Control. Sorted.
The Problem.
Late payments - they cause us stress, and they waste our time.
We all worry about getting our money. Nobody relishes those awkward phone conversations. Reminder emails are often ignored. Our cashflow is up in the air. We have far more productive things to do than chase invoice payments.
The Solution.
WOWinflow - the cloud accounting add-on that uses your customers’ REAL payment patterns to save you time, money and stress.
Plug in WOWinflow to have an intelligently prioritised action list sent to your inbox every Monday morning - it’s your weekly Credit Control planning done for you!
Hot list - CHASE. Patterns say these invoices should be paid to you this week.
Cold list - DON’T CHASE. Patterns say save yourself the time, customers won’t pay these invoices yet - no matter what you do.
Action list - THERE’S A PROBLEM. The customer’s normal payment pattern has been broken - contact them NOW to find out why.
Intelligence - on all Accounts Receivables – invoice payment date predictions, late payment predictions and warnings about customer payment threats.
Predictive - accounts receivable totals by day, for the next 90 days, and up to 3 years if you wish – based on patterns NOT terms or averages.
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